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About me

I was born in Corner Brook Newfoundland & raised mostly in Ontario. My family traveled and moved a lot when I was growing up & I had the quintessential experience of being a child in exile, but as children do, I imagined myself into a state of familiarity wherever I was - either in the home team or the visitors box.  Having seen much of the country & returned to my birth Province, I am currently living & painting in the rugged, beautiful coastal city of St. John's, Newfoundland where my wife Judy & I have been making a home for the past twenty years. 

The yearning to experience other places & cultures has calmed somewhat over time, as I delve into our Provinces own rich history & unique traditions. But I still take regular visits abroad to what we call Canada to seek inspiration & experiences that differ from what can be found at home.

I have been an avid participant in the creative arts since childhood, having studied under notable Newfoundland Artists as diverse as Clarence Osmond & Don Wright. I studied Graphic Design at the College of the North Atlantic where I distinguished myself with honors beyond any achieved to that point in the history of the program. I  went on to work as a commercial artist for several years in sign shops & advertising houses until making the move to becoming a freelance illustrator & artist.

My Paintings are generally very representational and detailed, although I try not to limit myself to one approach. I work in various media including Acrylics, Prismacolor colored pencils, Charcoal, Graphite, Watercolor and Gouache.  

I will paint anything that interests me visually, it could be a particular quality or phenomenon of light, shape, texture, pattern...whatever.  

I try to recreate as accurately as I can within the limitations of my ability and the media I am using,  what I see about the subject that resonates within me.  A combination of photographs, memories, notes and sketches provide the references, and occasional artistic license helps me complete the picture.  

If you are interested in my work & would like to learn about how to commission a personal piece for yourself, read my 4step plan to painting satisfaction.

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