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SHIPPING: All shipping is done through Canada Post and delivery within Canada usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.  International delivery has been known to take up to 3 or 4 weeks for continents other than North America. Proof of postage will be provided for every order after shipping. Regi Cantwell is not responsible for orders taking this or a longer amount of time to be delivered.


REFUNDS - EXISTING WORKS: We attempt to describe the items offered on the Site as accurately as possible; however, we do not warrant that the descriptions are always current or error-free. All sales made through the Site are final. No refunds or exchanges for items purchased through this Site will be made.


The commissioning of  an artwork can get very complicated but over the years I have adopted a methodology that simplifies the matter into these four easy to follow stages.

1) Concept: The artist and client discuss either in person or by email things like size, price, medium & subject. Once an agreement is reached, then payment of one third of the agreed upon purchase price is remitted to the artist. This fee will be non refundable and will cover the cost of materials and time in the preparatory design stage & it helps to demonstrate the commitment of the client.

2) Design: The artist will  proceed to the design stage wherein studies, sketches, or drawings will be developed & presented to you the client for further discussion, either in person or by email. Once an agreeable composition/design has been settled upon, then the second payment of one third of the agreed upon purchase price is to be paid to the artist. This will also be non refundable & will ensure that the artist will be obliged to proceed to the painting stage itself, taking the final design & working it up into a full painting as per the specifications agreed upon in stage one.

3) Development:  Depending on the size & complexity of the commission, the work may take less or more time than anticipated. It is important for the client to understand  this & allow for some extra lead time in the discussion phase.  If something is needed by a specific date let the artist know the deadline well in advance so that he can work ahead of it & be on time. The client may from time to time enquire about the status of the painting but at this stage its all about the muse, the mojo and the manners to refrain from suggesting Major changes. (They do cost extra.)

4) Delivery:  Once the artist has reached the stage of completion he will present to the client the final painting and in return receive the third & final installment of the agreed upon purchase price. If the painting for  whatever reason does not meet with the satisfaction of the client then a full refund of this portion is automatically returned in exchange for the painting itself. No questions asked.
By using the model above, the client has the opportunity at every stage in the process to affect change or even halt the project if they are uncomfortable with the direction being taken.


FRAMING CONSULTATION:  Most of the work I produce is designed not to require framing and is reflected in my prices, but that is of course an individual choice. Many artists have a  framing/consulting fee whereby they come with you to the frame shop to discuss with the framer what best to do to highlight your new commissioned artwork. My policy is simple. As long as the work is being framed here in the  city I charge nothing & will gladly accompany you to the framer of your choice, as long as you are providing coffee, I'm in.

If the commissioned work is being framed outside of St.John's, Newfoundland, all I ask is my airfare and accommodations be paid for and I would be happy to be of service. :)

Following the four step procedure outlined above, I have never had an unsatisfied client. I like to think that respect for my clients & the clarity of my intent are as attractive qualities as the uniqueness of my work and the freshness of my approach. Having been trained as a designer I understand the concept of working with a client to achieve the ultimate goal of having a  painting that we are both pleased with and proud of.

If you are interested in a unique commissioned artwork or have any questions regarding the policies above - please contact me so we can discuss the details.

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