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    Oh how I miss those Western Skies: Part 1

    Oh how I miss those Western Skies: Part 1
    So I'm just past the mid way point of the year long challenge (Walk the line Wednesdays) of posting a simple sketch, once a week, using 'line' only to communicate an image as quickly as possible. This was initiated in the spirit of examining Paul Klee's famous quote "a drawing is taking a line for a walk".
    That said, I decided to step out from the project for a moment and see what rules can bend & how far the theory
    can be pushed, I attempted a value study using all 10 value levels from White to Black, sadly it did not work. Too many competing values, when what was needed was the illusion of a complex value scale by their juxtaposition to one another in varying combinations, creating a richer depth of field overall, despite the softness of the end result, there can still be drama.
    I followed up with this 5x7" value study using only 5 levels and made 'no lines' at all. I just pushed graphite powder around the page, using a small brush and an assortment of erasers,  until the image took the shape, weight and tone I was seeking to represent those 'Western Skies', where you can see the thunderstorm coming at you for what seems like three days grace.
    So to the question. Without lines to take for a walk, how best to describe a dry graphite painting?
    "Western Sky 1"
    5x7" Graphite on Stonehenge
    PM me for more details = )

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