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    Walk the line Wednesdays: Week 100

    WTLW #100 - The finale. Thanks to everyone who liked, shared and commented. I'ts been interesting. I've' been attempting to challenge myself by adding a drawing a week to this blog, mind you, the idea for me was to keep it as simple as possible, lcontinuing to examine Paul Klee's famous quote "a drawing is taking a line for a walk",

    Once again, a big thanks you to those who have followed these oddly curated sessions. Stay tuned formy next self challenge, which will also be a regular event for a set duration. This time however I will be making it a 'little' bit more challenging.  In the interim, I offer this last walk, one of my favorites as it is almost the start of a topigraphic map of the face :) Enjoy

    Week 100

    ( ww sketches 100)

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